Jeanette Gabbitas  MBACP, MNCS, BA, Ad. Prof. Dip. PC

Hi, my name is Jeanette Gabbitas and I’d like to welcome you to my site.

Summit Counselling is a private counselling and psychotherapy service based in North Northamptonshire, offering both short and long term therapy.

Life can be challenging at times and the struggles we face can seem like mountains before us. It isn’t always easy to talk to friends or family about what we are feeling or experiencing and this is where counselling can help. Counselling offers a safe, confidential and supportive space in which you can be free to be who you really are without the fear of being judged or criticised. A space where you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself and where you can explore ways in which you can begin to lead a happier and more fulfilling life.

It is perfectly natural to feel a little apprehensive about coming to counselling, especially if you’ve never had therapy before, but please be assured that you will be warmly welcomed and met with an empathetic ear.

On this site you will find details of the type of talking therapies I offer, what to expect during the therapy process and more about me and my professional credentials.

It is so important that you find a counsellor or psychotherapist that you can really connect with, as the therapeutic relationship is at the very heart of any talking therapy, so please take a look around my site and I would encourage you to get in touch if you have any questions or if you would like to arrange a free no obligation initial chat.

Kind regards


Jeanette_Gabbitas_counselling‘You can summit the biggest mountain by simply taking the first step.’ 

~ Gail Lynne Goodwin ~